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RF Multi Employer Pension Plan

A Pension Fund for Businesses and Organizations

The RF Multi-Employer Pension Plan

This is a defined contribution plan established to assist businesses of all sizes to provide a flexible pension plan for their employees. The Plan enables multiple companies to provide a pension solution for their employees without the need to worry about establishing plan documents, arranging for service providers and incurring the costs of running a stand-alone pension plan.

The Plan’s advanced technology platform and multiple investment options to choose from allows companies to tailor their plans to their business objectives and employee needs. Both the employer and employee contribute an agreed amount to the plan each month. RF invests the funds according to the options chosen by the employee and employer and maintains contribution and accounting records.

Plan Benefits
  • No setup fees, no termination fee, no hidden charges

  • Low administration costs

  • Flexible and easy to administer

  • Wide range of investment options

  • Strong investment performance

  • Web access to pension plan information

  • Regular reports, information and statements

See how the investment can grow.

The table below shows what you can expect to see at retirement (based on your tolerance) for each $100/ month employee contribution, with a matching dollar amount employer contribution, for a total of $200. Note: Actual returns may vary as interest rates are subject to change.


  Conservative Balanced Aggressive
Current Age
4% 6% 8%
20 148,382 263,589 483,906
25 116,501 191,750 324,339
30 90,298 138,068 215,741
35 68,760 97,953 141,831
40 51,058 67,977 91,529
45 36,508 45,577 57,294
50 24,549 28,839 33,994
55 14,720 16,331 18,137

Your team's investment is secure for retirement.

The investment performance of the Pension Plan will be directly related to the financial benefits you will receive. To make things easy, we’ve tailored our funds to suit your timeline and risk requirements. From a range of investment options, you can choose the percentage of your contributions to be invested in each option. You may invest as little or as much as you like in each pool. The portfolios are managed by qualified and experienced investment managers under the guidance of the RF Investment Committee.

Your investment choices can be adapted to each stage of your life!

As your personal circumstances change, your investments are modified to suit your timeline and risk tolerance. As you grow older and your priorities change, your pension plan changes with you. The RF Multi-Employer Pension Plan is tailor-made to fit your retirement needs.

Your pension plan, your retirement funds- you’ll be in the know!

Our team will manage the day-to-day business of your team's retirement savings and planning. Members will be provided with:

  • Timely online updates,

  • Quarterly employee reports and statements

  • One-on-one appointments and telephone guidance as required

The RF Multi-Employer Plan is transferable!

The plan is flexible, so, if required:

  • An employer can change pension provider without penalties

  • Accumulated pension benefits can be transferred to a new employer’s pension plan

  • If the employer changes, the accumulated pension benefits can be used in the purchase of a Personal Pension Plan. Note: Income cannot be drawn until retirement. Local legal restrictions apply

The Plan in a Nutshell

The RF Multi-Employer Pension Plan is a defined contribution plan where both the employer and the employee make monthly contributions. At retirement, the contributions and their earnings are used to provide a retirement income. 

Who is eligible to join the Plan? Any company with five or more employees
Contribution Levels 5% Employer, 5 % Employee
Retirement Age Subject to regulatory requirements and/ or company policy
Additional Voluntary Contributions Permitted
Investments Selection Self-directed with guidance upon request
Vesting Fully vested after 3 years
Portability of Accumulated Benefits Permitted
Governing Body Financial Services Commission
Regulatory Reporting Requirements Undertaken by RF
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