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Investment Banking

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As a leading advisor for Investment Banking services in the region, we pride ourselves on our understanding of local capital markets and our ability to execute complex transactions across a variety of industries. We provide our clients with value-driven solutions for achieving business objectives based on over 20 years of developing and advancing capital markets in the region.

RF Investment Banking Solutions

We offer a variety of services to assist governments and private companies, including:

  • Equity and Debt Financing
  • Business Valuation
  • Public Offerings and Private Placements
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Privatizations
  • Alternative Sources of Financing

Equity and Debt Financing

Our in-depth knowledge of the market is backed by our considerable experience structuring Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and private placements, among other solutions. We understand that our clients’ financing requirements are unique. That’s why you can expect a tailored service, built on your specific business objectives. While we sometimes work in combination with other financial institutions to execute transactions, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve as the sole advisor for our client's financing needs.

Business Valuation

Valuation is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to affect the sale of a business, merger, finding investors, or deciding to take your business public. By blending internationally accepted principles and practices, we will combine this with our local knowledge to determine a realistic and optimal value for your business or your target for acquisition.

Public & Private Placements

Our multi-channel approach to marketing deals we undertake relies on our numerous contacts within both High Net Worth and institutional channels. We also have access to numerous clients who presently own securities in The Bahamas through the share depositary and use our brokerage client list and relationships with institutional investors to develop sound strategic offering and marketing plans. The process can be tedious, but we are well-versed and equipped to execute the various services required to get your organization to a properly priced Public Offering or Private Placement.

Transaction Structuring

Keeping abreast of changing market dynamics makes it imperative for businesses to look at all the options that may
be available to them in the Bahamian market. These transactions may include:

  • Companies considering acquiring shares or assets of other companies;
  • Groups planning to restructure in order to gain financing flexibility, or expand organically or inorganically (e.g. via acquisition), etc.;
  • Management buyouts/buy-ins;
  • Raising equity to create a better debt to equity mix;
  • Using mezzanine debt to optimize your company’s capital structure as part of a club deal, syndicate, or bilateral agreement;
  • Listing on BISX.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide advice on valuations, optimum capital structure, transaction structuring, and assist in raising the funds to get the deal done. Our clients include government agencies, private individuals and families, businesses, and private investors.


For governments, we will work with you to determine the best solution available depending on the entity or department involved. It may be a case that a Public-Private Partnership (“PPP”) structure makes more sense should full privatization not be feasible. RF is also able to source potential purchasers where this may not already have been determined. RF is ideally placed to assist in whichever scenario works best.

For publicly traded entities, RF is able to work with interested parties, be that existing owner, management, or an acquirer, to determine how best to achieve the goal of privatizing the business. RF is also ideally suited to source the capital needed to do so.

Alternative Sourcing

We are able to provide access to various forms of financing that may or may not include some combination of traditional commercial lending. Our ability to source longer-term capital on generally much more flexible terms than otherwise available is based on the following alternatives:

  • Subordinated debt or quasi-equity such as preferred stock;
  • Secured or unsecured debt such as bonds;
  • Convertible preferred stock or convertible bonds;
  • Common stock;
  • Rights offering;
  • or some combination of any of the above.
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Jim Wilson

Vice President & Group Head of Investment Banking

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