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Investment Options

With a wide range of investment options, the plan allows you to design a program matching your individual needs. You may choose to invest among the following portfolios, as long as the total allocation equals 100%.

Prime Income Fund

The fund strives to achieve a rate of return in excess of the current Bahamian Prime Rate by allocating to a balanced portfolio of Bahamian fixed income securities, including Bahamas Government bonds, corporate bonds, and corporate preference shares.

Long Term Return Target: 4%-5% RF

Secure Balanced Fund

The primary objective of the fund is to provide balanced, long-term growth through an asset allocation policy that combines the long-term capital appreciation potential of equities (40%) with short-to-medium term income features of fixed income (60%).

Long Term Return Target: 5%-7% RF

Targeted Equity Fund

The fund buys and holds nearly all the listed equities on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) and seeks additional diversification and return from unlisted securities, private placements, equity mutual funds, and fixed income instruments.

Long-term Return Target: 7%-10% RF

International Equities Sub Fund

The fund invests substantially in the RF International Opportunities Fund, which maintains broad investment exposure to European and Asian equities, as well as a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) consisting of both major and emerging market equities.

Long-term Return Target: 8%-12% RF

What Makes The RF EIA Different?

Anyone can invest on behalf of your child. Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child, and paying for college is no different. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Education Investment Account (EIA)? How much do I need to open an account? Can anyone contribute to the account? and more...

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  • ABV Investments Incorporated ABV  + 0.15
  • Banks Holdings Limited BHL  + 4.85
  • Barbados Dairy Industries Limited BDI  + 3.00
  • Barbados Farms Limited BFL  + 0.40
  • BICO Limited BCO  + 3.10
  • Cable and Wireless Barbados Limited CWBL  + 2.29
  • Cave Shepherd and Company Limited CSP  + 4.62
  • Emera Deposit Receipt EMABDR  + 19.95
  • Eppley Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Dev Fund CPFD  + 0.19
  • Eppley Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Value Fund CPFV  + 0.57
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank FCI  + 2.40
  • Goddard Enterprises Limited GEL  + 3.00
  • Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited ICBL  + 3.15
  • One Caribbean Media Limited OCM  + 2.70
  • Sagicor Financial Corporation Limited SFC  + 0.00
  • West India Biscuit Company Limited WIB  + 31.00

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