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Executorship Services

"Corporate Executorship Services"

Prepare a Will

This legal document allows you to make decisions on who will administer your estate and distribute your assets at the date of death. In the absence of a Will the State decides how your property will be distributed. RF recognizes that estate planning is complex and requires expertise for many disciplines; as such, we have the resources to make this stage as quick and cost effective as possible.

Naming your Executor

Each person who owns assets has an estate, regardless of the quantity. At your death, your assets must be properly distributed in accordance with your estate plan. Your executor can either be an individual or a Corporate Entity.

Things to think about…

Lack of expertise-

The professionalism, knowledge and expertise of an Estate and Trust professional can provide invaluable support. Acting as an executor can involve as many as 70 different tasks, and can sometimes take one or more years to settle, depending on its complexity.

Family dynamics-

Settling an estate can create or incite family rivalries and disputes. The impartial nature of an Estate and Trust professional can assist in managing these contentions.


An executor who is out of town may encounter multiple challenges when administering the estate. This factor is taken into consideration as the Estate and Trust professional is always assessable.


As estate settlement can sometimes take extended periods of time, the lifespan of the executor is of vital importance. Human executors die while companies are permanent.



Jodi Webb

Trust & Estates Administrator

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