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Stand Alone Pension Plans

One size does not always fit all.

RF has solutions for unique corporate needs.

Stand Alone Pension Plans

RF Stand-Alone Retirement Funds

We offer employers the flexibility required in a pension plan but with a variety of investment option based on your company's risk tolerance through our Stand-Alone Retirement Funds. Employers are given control over the securities invested in the fund and the appointment of service providers. While this fund is most suitable for very large companies that do not need to pool assets to obtain benefits of scale, we understand that some companies are willing to take on the additional administration to meet certain employer/employee requirements.

Our team of Pensions Specialists have over 30 years of experience in designing and administering benefit and defined contribution pension plans. We can assist our corporate clients in the following ways:

  • Developing the rules of the Pension Plan including eligibility requirements, retirement age, access to employee funds, etc.
  • Drafting the Pension Plan and Trust Deed
  • Drafting the administration and Investment Management agreements
  • Selection and retention of services providers, including trustees, auditors, administrators and investment managers
  • Drafting the various employer and employee forms necessary for administering the Plan
  • Creation of investment portfolios to support flexible investment options
  • Customising pension administration software to meet the needs of the Plan

RF can establish a plan that includes:

  • Administration and Investment Management Services
  • The drafting of a Trust Deed
  • The drafting of the rules of the plan (eligibility requirements, retirement age, access to employee funds, etc.)
  • The option of separate investment portfolios (Equity, Balanced or Fixed Income)

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Larissa Rolle

Regional Manager, Pension Services

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