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Personal Provident Fund

Plan to retire your way.

Prepare to enjoy your golden years on your terms.

RF Personal Provident Fund

RF Personal Provident Fund

When it comes to retirement, we want similar things. We all want to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in our golden years. This requires resources.

Your pension plan forms the core of your retirement income. Upon reaching retirement, you will receive your accumulated pension benefits- employer’s contributions, employee contributions (voluntary) - plus any investment returns. The amount you will have at retirement is a function of the amount you invest, the time the funds are invested and the return you obtain on the funds. You need to maximize all three if you expect to have sufficient funds to retire comfortably.

To beef up your retirement strategy we've created the RF Personal Provident Fund.

Benefits of an RF Personal Provident Fund

Stay in control

Make voluntary contributions and draw down the funds when you need to - with no restrictions on what the funds can be used for.



Pause and resume contributions as needed if you're ever feeling a financial pinch.



World-class asset managers and expert management help to produce competitive returns year after year.


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Allan Shine

Business Development Manager

Stephanie Plews

Financial Planner

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