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Investment Options

Choose from a range of investment funds

With a wide range of investment options, the plan allows you to design a program matching your individual needs. You may choose to invest among the following portfolios, as long as the total allocation equals 100%.

Targeted Income Fund

Long Term Return Target: 6-9%

Invests in global fixed income instruments, including sovereign and corporate bonds, and preference shares

Targeted Income Fund

Global Balanced fund

Long-term Return Target: 5%-7%

The primary objective of the fund is to provide balanced, long-term growth through an asset allocation policy that combines the long-term capital appreciation potential of equities (40%) with short-to-medium term income features of fixed income (60%).

Global Balanced fund

International Opportunities fund

Long-term Return Target: 8%-12%

The fund invests substantially in the RF International Opportunities Fund, which maintains broad investment exposure to European and Asian equities, as well as a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) consisting of both major and emerging market equities.

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