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Global Balanced Fund



Strategy and Objective

The RF Global Balanced Fund is an open-ended USD-denominated mutual fund that invests its assets in a portfolio of global equity mutual funds, equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and global fixed income securities with exposure to the US, Emerging Markets, European value stocks and Asian recovery positions.

The fund follows a broad global equity allocation mandate, with core positions in European and Asian value funds and seeks global fixed income securities with shorter duration as well as diversified fixed income Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to achieve its investment objectives.

Asset Allocation

As of 31 March 2020

NAV (Oct, 2022) US$13.3152
YTD Change -14.95%
Key Fund Details
Inception August 2014
Open to Investment Yes
Type Balanced
Currency US$
Min Sub Size $5000
Min Add Sub $1000
Redemptions Fee Declining Surrender Charge (DSC)
Redemptions that occur within the period following initial investment will incur the following charges:
0-24 months 2%
25-36 months 1.5%
37-48 months 1.0%
49-60 months 0.5%
Thereafter $50 processing fee.
NAV Frequency Monthly


Calendar Year Returns

US$ $10,000 Hypothetical Investment Over Time

As of Oct, 2022
class="America/Cayman" >


Investment Exposure

Top Holdings

No Records Available

Fees & Expense

Fees & Expense

Type Detail
Front End Sales Fee Up to 5% the initial investment (optional)
Management and Administration 1% per annum


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