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Trustee Services

"Trust Investments"

In addition to the aforementioned services, we can provide access to all aspects of comprehensive wealth management, including pension, corporate financing, mutual funds, investment management and brokerage services.

RF offers estate settlement and trust services - tailored to suit its client’s needs.

How do we accomplish a Trust?


When you establish a living trust, assets under the trust are passed by the Settlor/Grantor immediately to the Trustees for your beneficiaries. You can add additional assets to the trust over time. The trust assets do not form part of your estate and are not subject to probate since the assets are being transferred during your lifetime.

A RF Trust


  • Research, customize and present the best possible structure to suit your needs.
  • Cost effective and competitive rates.
  • Qualified and experienced staff to administer, invest and distribute your assets.
  • Ensures your assets are properly transferred and protected.
  • Avoid the complications involved with family member/friends acting as executors of your estate.

Trustee Services

Acting as a trustee involves numerous responsibilities and intricacies including asset protection, managing accounting records, and providing detailed accounting to beneficiaries. As your Agent, we can help in the full execution of these tasks. We are flexible - our Trustee services entail the full range of specially selected services. Trust custody and record keeping is our business! Our trust professionals are experts in offering support in the process of investing for trust assets.

Company Administration

Should your trust include multiple holding companies, we also offer services in holding company administration. From incorporations to annual filings to dissolutions, our qualified, knowledgeable and equipped team of professionals will guide you through this process to its completion. In addition, we act as a Registered Office and Agents to our incorporated entities and can also provide corporate services such as Directors and Officers through our nominee companies.

Testamentary Trusts

RF administers testamentary trusts through explicit instructions in a deceased’s Will. This trust goes into effect at the death of an individual and is usually used to provide ongoing financial support for loved ones, ensuring asset protection for beneficiaries.

Living Trust

Establishing a Living Trust can avoid the probate process, thus eliminating the time and expense associated with court proceedings. This legal entity allows for the transferral and management of a person’s assets, the main parties being the Settlor, the Trustee and the beneficiaries. The trustee manages your assets in accordance with the written instructions contained in a trust document.

Insurance Trusts

RF administers life insurance trusts, whereby we remove your life insurance from your estate, help pay estate costs and provide your heirs with cash for a variety of purposes. To remove the policy from your estate, we work with your Agent to surrender ownership rights, which means you may no longer borrow against it or change beneficiaries. In return, the proceeds from the policies may be used to pay any estate costs after you die and provide your beneficiaries with income.

Pension Trusts

As the trustees of your pension scheme, we act separately from the employer. We hold the assets invested in the scheme for the benefit of the participants. As Trustees, we are legally obliged to make all scheme related decisions with the beneficiaries’ interests in mind, and can very well be held liable for damages if we do not do so. As Pension trustees, we look at the scheme rules and booklet, minutes of recent trustees’ meetings, the latest auditor’s report and scheme funding documents.



Jodi Webb

Trust & Estates Administrator

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