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Emerging Technology, Geopolitics & the Future of Intelligence

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Lessons in Hospitality Disruption:

Chip Conley's Surfing Guide

The Future of Health & Medicine:

Where can technology take us?

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Fireside Chat: The Caribbean Central Bank Digital Currency Landscape

The Future of Energy: Delivering resiliency with distributed energy resources

Digital First: Rethinking our

Caribbean future

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Amy Zegart,

Cyber Expert

Chip Conley,

Renowned Hotelier

Daniel Kraft, MD,

Physician & Inventor

John Kiff,

Digital Currency Expert

Ugwem Eneyo

Energy Expert

Marla Dukharan,

Caribbean Economist

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"The variety of the speakers, topics and ages were excellent. As someone in a non-finance focused industry, I felt that I could tune into and understand all of them whilst also giving me great insight into new opportunities."

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2021 Event Theme

Global Digital Disruption:

Threat or opportunity?

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