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Public Offerings and Private Placements

RF is proud to have been the first to raise over $1.8 billion in the Bahamian Capital Markets.

We only take on assignments into which we ourselves are prepared to invest so the client for whom we are raising capital is assured we have its interests at heart.

Our multi-channel approach to marketing deals we undertake relies on our numerous contacts within both High Net Worth and Institutional channels. RF also has access to numerous clients who presently own securities in The Bahamas through the share depositary and use our brokerage client list and relationships with institutional investors to develop sound strategic offering and marketing plans.

The process can be tedious but RF is well versed and equipped to execute the various services required to get your organization to a properly priced public offering or private placement.

Required Services:

  • Due Diligence
  • Assessment of optimal capital structure
  • Determination of pricing of securities
  • Obtaining regulatory and associated approvals
  • Preparation of an Offering Memorandum and other required legal documents
  • Appointment of share registrar & transfer agents
  • Escrow Agent services
  • Placement Agent services


Pricing of Shares or Notes – Subjective Factors

  • The current economic environment and timing
  • Valuation of other public or private companies
  • Historic financial results
  • Future prospects for the company
  • Investor expectations


Ms. Jillian Nunes

President & Country Head

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  • ABV Investments Incorporated ABV  + 0.15
  • Banks Holdings Limited BHL  + 4.85
  • Barbados Dairy Industries Limited BDI  + 3.00
  • Barbados Farms Limited BFL  + 0.40
  • BICO Limited BCO  + 3.10
  • Cave Shepherd and Company Limited CSP  + 4.10
  • Emera Deposit Receipt EMABDR  + 20.91
  • Eppley Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Dev Fund CPFD  + 0.17
  • Eppley Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Value Fund CPFV  + 0.57
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank FCI  + 2.00
  • Goddard Enterprises Limited GEL  + 2.15
  • Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited ICBL  + 1.78
  • One Caribbean Media Limited OCM  + 1.80
  • West India Biscuit Company Limited WIB  + 31.50