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Greg Valliere,
Chief Political Strategist, AGF Investments

Greg covers the impact of the recent US presidential elections and the consequent impact on the global economy. He also gives predictions on the Biden administration's first steps after his inauguration in 2021 regarding the coronavirus vaccine, foreign policy and more.



Marla focuses on the economic climate within the Caribbean region both before and potentially after COVID-19. She outlines risks like foreign currency reserves in The Bahamas, as well as possible opportunities such as digital investments. This riveting presentation helps to chart the way ahead for Caribbean nations whose dependence on tourism has been particularly challenging in 2020.  

Marla Dukharan
Caribbean Economist

Our Investment Specialists teamed up to provide insight on the current global investment climate. They note several risks and opportunities like the 'Trump Wildcard', the 'Biden Bounce' and the impact emerging trade agreements. Our RF Investment Specialists also provide the latest RF Fund reports and an overall investment strategy for 2021.

Jillian Nunes, VP & Barbados Country Head, RF
David Slatter, AVP, Investments, RF


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