Expert guidance driven

by your investment goals

We are driven by our goal of helping our clients maximize their earning potential!

For high-net-worth families or individuals looking for a strategic investment plan, our team of experts can provide a tailored strategy that is optimized for your specific investment objectives, risk tolerances and timelines.

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Guidance driven

by your goals

The value of professional guidance

From setting goals to selecting investments and fine-tuning strategies, our investment team helps you maximize the available opportunities and minimize the risk by providing you with:

  • Guidance in evaluating and selecting investment options.
  • Objective advice to help you make the most informed decisions.
  • Educational resources that inform and empower.
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing.
  • Regular consultation and review of your portfolio.

As market conditions change and your personal situation evolves, your investment manager will help you keep a long-term perspective and recommend appropriate strategies.

Expert Portfolio


Solutions tailored to your unique goals.

With 25+ years of experience in the market, we can develop a long term investment portfolio aligned with your personal goals.


Leverage your assets by accessing our margin loan facility - giving you liquidity when you need it most.


Asset Allocation

Your dedicated advisor will work with you to create optimal investment allocation in line with your risk appetite.


Access to Markets

RF IMA clients are guaranteed first access to all local securities and private equity transactions executed through RF.

Our approach to Investment Management

Our local and global research capabilities seek to maximize investment opportunities in companies and sectors that offer superior financial performance to our clients.


Our fees are competitively priced to limit the impact on returns. Meanwhile, we provide additional levels of customization and monitoring from the construction of your portfolio to monthly reporting.

We believe that success is a continual process. Your Advisor is readily available for financial advice while you remain a key participant in any decisions made regarding your portfolio.

Strategic asset allocation makes the difference. Our strategy has been developed on the premise that one size can’t fit all and we place focus on security selection and distribution across multiple channels.


Experience the RF difference

Begin with setting up a call with an RF Advisor who will get to know you, your financial picture and your goals and work with you to develop a long term plan to meet and exceed your investment goals.

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